November 21, 2011

Idiocy at its finest

You know, just when I thought nothing can surprise me anymore, I was, again, proven wrong.  Apparently, what you and I, and the rest of the world, knew about water as means of hydration, was just declared wrong and, to make things totally and absolutely ridiculous, it was written up into the EU law.
How?  Easy.  All it took is a bunch of EFSA (European Food Standards Authority) dimwits to waste three years and, no doubt, an undisclosed amount of taxpayers' money, to come up with this gem of a brain fart that, basically, water is not a solution for thirst. 

November 18, 2011

Elixir des Merveilles

Elixir des Merveilles by house of Hermès 

To be honest, this one is a bit of a challenge to describe, so I did the next best thing and read Fragrantica members' reviews before typing in mine.

Cold Coke with a slice of orange... Smoky orange with a touch of dirt from under pine needles... Not so great smelling praline... Somewhat gourmand, not quite fougère... this composition is as complex as it is quite hard to explain.
I agree that it could easily be considered unisex.

As for why I got a big bottle of this juice? Well, mainly because I am a curious cat, and also because there seems to be a dire lack of minis of this fragrance.
I am sure, if I asked around, someone on Fragrantica would spare me a tester vial but, you know what? Sometimes you just have to give into temptation, and treat yourself.