March 31, 2011

Yukigassen in Fort Edmonton!

If you never even heard of Yukigassen, don't feel bad, neither have I... until today.
Yukigassen is Japanese for “snow battle”, a sport that started in Japan more than 20 years ago.
So, we now have the first Canadian Yukigassen Championships!  I think that's totally cool, and if I were 30 years younger...

The sport itself is a combination of dodge ball, paintball, and "capture the flag".
Each team consists of seven people wearing helmets and eye protection (at least... Why? Read on).

March 30, 2011

Wow, it's been a while...

... since my last confession, uhm, post.  For the record, I do do "confessions" for several reasons, the main one being I am no longer considering any religious affiliation.

I have been a Catholic, then I identified with Buddhism and Wicca; I say "identified" because I like what they proclaim (notice I did not say "preach"?), but I was never actually into their deities.  No, I do not mind Vishnu, or Gaia, I just never had the drive to "worship" them.
Yep, what started out as a "good, Catholic girl", turned out to be a religion-free woman who's got a lot of brains and is never afraid to use them, and that would be the main reason I am religion-free.  You see, if you just "believe", they got you by the proverbial short and curlies right there, and you are in the cult.  But, the moment you start to "disbelieve" and question the system, a whole new world of possibilities, truth, and just plain common sense opens up to you.

March 6, 2011

House Bill 628-FN, New Hampshire

If you, like me, often wonder if there are any courageous politicians left out there, the answer is yes, and they can be found in New Hampshire!
Rep. Andrew Manuse (D-Derry) and Rep. George Lambert (R-Litchfield) have their fingers on the pulse of the nation.
They have cosponsored House Bill 628-FN (HB628-FN) which states:
"This bill makes the touching or viewing with a technological device of a person’s breasts or genitals by a government security agent without probable cause a sexual assault. This bill classifies persons convicted of the offense as tier III offenders under the criminal offenders registry".
Way to go, guys.  The people have had enough and this Bill reflects their sentiments.
TSA are yet to respond.

March 3, 2011

Vitamin D - proper dosage revealed!

I will not bore you with any speaches today, my lovelies!  Instead, I will share this link:

Read up, take your vitamin D, and stay warm :)

With love,