October 29, 2011

*refunded!* no Clarity in Adya...

- refund status updates at bottom of post!
Trying to get away from fluoride in the drinking water is very, very difficult.  It is especially difficult because your elected government officials still have this false ADA claim in their heads, and, contrary to many reports backed with scientific data, insist on fluoride being good for you.
Needless to say, after getting nowhere with petitions to the gov., and not being able to fork over thousands of dollars for a whole-house fluoride filter (link at bottom of post), I searched for more affordable ways to deal with this fluoride problem.
I came across something called "Adya Clarity".  It sounded weird and cool, and
like something that might do the trick of getting the drinking water back to the clean state before it gets deliberately polluted with fluoride.  So, always being open to new ideas in health improvement, I bought a bottle of Adya Clarity online.

The shipping was excessively slow but, finally, I received the package with one large, 32 oz bottle, and two small, 2 oz dropper-equipped bottles.  There was nothing on the label that would make me nervous about the product, but the claims of (many and serious) health benefits did seem a bit "excessive".  Oh, well, same went for colloidal silver and, I can tell you first hand, the colloidal silver worked for me.  So why not Adya Clarity?

Since we already, and exclusively, use natural spring water for drinking and cooking, my worry was mainly for our three dogs and one cat.  But, since they tend to be sensitive to drastic changes in their foodstuff, I went easy, and added three droppers of Adya Clarity to their next 5 gallon "drinking station" refill.  All seemed well for about two days, and then, out of the blue, our 11 year old cat started peeing all over the carpeted basement floor.  Despite his box being clean and just meters away, he just "went", repeatedly, on the carpet in two opposite ends of the basement.

If you know anything about cats, you will know that urinating all over the place is not in their nature.  Cats a very clean, and will not leave their mark on purpose - unless they mark their turf to attract potential mates, which is not the case with our cat, who is fixed, and an indoor-only. 
This natural cleanliness comes from their behaviour in the wild, where they always cover their "evidence" so other predators will not easily track them.  This is a genetic memory, and house cats are no different.  But, unexpected, unrelated peeing in their own home is their common way of alerting you that they have a health problem, usually with kidneys.

So, since the only thing that changed in our pets' food/water was addition of Adya Clarity to their drinking water, I discontinued adding it... and the cat stopped 'peeing outside the box'.  What does that tell you?  Something IN the Adya Clarity caused a dramatic change in our cat's behaviour.  There was no apparent change in our dogs' habits but I stopped adding Adya Clarity to their common drinking water dispenser anyway, and have not added it into anything else since.

Mike Adams (Health Ranger) of NaturalNews, just posted a very in-depth article on Adya Clarity (link below), and I will be keeping an eye on any and all developments on this as well.
In a meantime, my bottle(s) of Adya Clarity sit in the cupboard, where they will stay until I know if I can get a refund, join a class action suit, or just take them to hazmat depot.

Mike's article on Adya Clarity can be read here, and whole-house fluoride filtration system can be found here
Also, a good list of links about Adya Clarity can be found here: http://renegadehealth.com/blog/2011/11/01/adya-clarity-consumer-alert/

UPDATE, as of November 1st, 2011:
Matthew Monarch of The Raw Food World, has pulled Adya Clarity webinar and product off his website/store, and is offering refund to the buyers of Adya Clarity:

Just minutes ago, I have dug up my invoice in my email archive, and forwarded it to Matthew for refund.  I look forward to Matthew's response and will keep you posted on the progress.

UPDATE, November 17, 2011:
Rec'd response via email on Nov.07, with an attached document to fill out for a refund.
It required me to send the (rest of the) product back to the The Raw Food World.
I did not want to bother with that, so I emailed back with a proposition of a modified refund (total amount minus shipping), and they agreed.
I received another refund form, modified for the "minus shipping" clause.
So far, Matthew and The Raw Food World have been understanding, civil, easy to talk to, and cooperative in the matter, so I have absolutely no complaints in that regard.  I'm sure, this has been quite an experience to all involved...

It took me a while to complete this but, today (Nov.17) I finally got the form filled out, scanned, and emailed to adyareturns@gmail.com .
Hopefully, the refund will not take long.  I'll post the updates as they happen.
UPDATE, December 26,201:
- I wanted to post this because I just received my refund from The Raw World, Inc.
It took a while, and a couple of emails, but it was resolved as they have promised.  I paid with a credit card but the transaction was too old to get a refund back into the credit card, so they sent me the money to my PayPal account.
So, to any and all of you who are still waiting for the AC refund - check your PayPal balance; you might have the money sitting in there :)
Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays!