July 11, 2011

411.ca - a pile of spam and junk!

Someone, whose number I do not recognize, called our landline but did not leave a message.  Naturally, being curious who that might be, I set out to run the reverse number lookup on my ol' trusty Canadian 411. 
Much to my surprise, the site is not only unrecognizable (read: fugly); it also does not seem to do what one of its primary functions - the reverse lookup - used to be. 
And, believe me, I tried, and tried, and then tried some more.  And even checked out the absolutely useless "Help" section.  No dice. 
I should also mention that, the moment I clicked on my fave link to 411.ca, and before I even ran any searches, the IE's security function asked me if I want to allow / disallow the site to track my location.  Seeing that tracking should not be required for a reverse lookup I want to run, I disallowed.  But, despite me expressly disallowing it, 411.ca still tracks...