November 29, 2010

Skyline - bad, really bad

If you have seen Independence Day, or Matrix, you will find certain similarities in the fx of Skyline (big mothership and sentinels, just to name two right off the bat).  Other than that, weak - weak acting, even weaker dialogues, and a general sense of doom at the end.  At least, in ID4 and Matrix, we won, well, sort of; we beat the bad guys and happines ensued.  In Sentinel, [spoilers past this point!!!], everybody dies, and those who live, will die soon enough from the looks of it.  On IMDB, some religious nut compares this to the "rapture" ( - Skyline - comments section at bottom of movie page) but, since there is no proof of that either, I think we're safe.
I watched Sentinel in my usual "fast forward" mode (watch 2 minutes-skip 8).  That is how I watch any new movies on my puter, to see if they are actually worth bothering to be watched on a big(ger) screen.  Well, this one is not.  I liked Eric Balfour in Six Feet Under, although he was just a bit "overdone" there but still fairly believable.  I think, Eric can do much better than Skyline.  Other actors did what they could with their scripts, even Brittany Daniel who played the bitchy blonde Candice; too bad she seems to be typecast as "snobbish and conniving and always gets what she wants" just like in SVH.
I gave Skyline 2 ouf of 10 stars, for "trying".

November 28, 2010

CanesOral tv ad...

is awful: a "happy" woman, prancing down the street, smiling, a package of CanesOral (yep, yeast infection pill and cream) in her hand for everyone to see:  "looky here, world, I got yeast infection! But, not to worry, I got CanesOral".
What kind of utter bull is this?  Are you a man creating these godawful tv ads? Cause sure as hell you'd not be smiling if you were a woman who had a Candida infection once in her (your) life.  You'd be walking around, cussing the itch and trying to get to the nearest restroom so you can a) treat it and/or b) scratch it, and not necessarily in that order.  Are you related to the fucktards who made the "Have a happy period" ad?  Sheesh!

Oh, and what kind of a stupid name is CanesOral, anyway?   Canes?  Oral?!?
Before you named it, have you said it out loud, to check how it sounds? I bet, if you did, you'd NOT name it CanesOral.

SmellyBlog has found a new home!

Dear visitor(s),

Yeeee-haw, I found myself a home! 
OK, that sounds corny but, hey, as discussed on the "old" blogsite, SmellyBlog needed to move and fast, before the domain expired so, here we are - new host, new template, new content... OK, working on that.
This is a test-post to see how the posts will look like on the new blog so, no revelations in this one but, you know me, I deliver some original, interesting, useful, controversial at times, content that, as usual, I invite you to comment on.  After all, if you "read me" and say nothing, how would I know if you enjoyed the ride, or is there something else you'd rather be reading?  Speak away, love! I dare ya!