November 21, 2011

Idiocy at its finest

You know, just when I thought nothing can surprise me anymore, I was, again, proven wrong.  Apparently, what you and I, and the rest of the world, knew about water as means of hydration, was just declared wrong and, to make things totally and absolutely ridiculous, it was written up into the EU law.
How?  Easy.  All it took is a bunch of EFSA (European Food Standards Authority) dimwits to waste three years and, no doubt, an undisclosed amount of taxpayers' money, to come up with this gem of a brain fart that, basically, water is not a solution for thirst. 
Ukip MEP Paul Nuttall said:
"I had to read this four or five times before I believed it. It is a perfect example of what Brussels does best. Spend three years, with 20 separate pieces of correspondence before summoning 21 professors to Parma where they decide with great solemnity that drinking water cannot be sold as a way to combat dehydration. Then they make this judgment law and make it clear that if anybody dares sell water claiming that it is effective against dehydration they could get into serious legal bother."

Do you know that one of the many symptoms of dehydration is confusion?  And that severe dehydration, if not treated right away, can cause permanent brain damage?
Well, seem these putzes at EFSA have been dehydrated for too long, and they are beyond help.

Full story here  and, for those who'd like a more colorful version (believe me, it is worth reading), go here.