December 25, 2011

So this is Christmas... and what have you done?

Merry Ho Ho!
Whether you believe in any kind of god, or not, is not relevant.  What matters is how you treat other beings - human and otherwise - on a daily basis.  It also matters how you treat yourself.  Indeed, what you eat, what you drink, what you bathe in, etc., is not only important but pretty much crucial to your health and well-being, to you whole concept of survival.
Speaking of survival...  The people who are scared shitless of the "2012 doomsday" that is supposedly coming in December of next year, are scared of the wrong thing.  It's not going to end this easy!
If anything, and I want to stress this is just a speculation,  what might happen is the economies of many countries will collapse, and there will be severe shortage of essentials like food, drinking water, perhaps electricity, you know, the stuff that keeps us happy and warm in a dead of winter, stuff that we hugely take for granted, until we, the consumers, can no longer just go out and buy it.
Well, there are things we cannot control (unless we force our elected officials to work for the people, not against them), and there are things we can.  Like, what we eat and what we drink.  And how we treat one another.

If we have a back yard, or even a balcony, we can grow something edible and delicious, and GMO-free.  Personally, I have dedicated a nice chunk of our yard to a veggie garden and also, 3 years ago, planted an apple tree.  This 3-year old tree has given my family a full 5 gallon bucket of small but delicious apples this summer! And they were totally organic; the tree was fed with the soil I produced by composting organics in the container in the corner of the yard. 
Yes, we can!

We can start getting louder, much louder, when we demand our government stop contaminating our drinking water with fluoridation.  There are numerous petitions, and Facebook groups, demanding the officials to stop poisoning us with fluoride; sign/join one today.  The "officials" blatantly ignore the current research of the effects of fluoride on humans (and don't forget our animal companions, too!), and, with their blinders firmly on, keep telling us it is good for our teeth and bones.  Well, just look up dental fluorosis, and you can draw your own conclusion if this is something you want to be ingesting in any way, shape, or form.  Then do something to stop this. 
Yes, we can!

We should demand the commercial food producers label all GMO foods.  The effects of eating genetically modified anything are not known; there are no studies to prove with all certainty that GMOs are harmless.  However, there are studies clearly showing the GMOs cause unwanted effects on our health, and irreparable damage to our environment.  Demand no GMO. 
Yes, we can!

There are many ways we can all make this coming year, and our lives, better.  We can boycott Monsanto.  We can end the wars.  We can say No to NDAA.  We can elect Ron Paul for President.  We can watch what we eat and drink.  We can practice "don't drink and drive".  We can smile at each other more often.  So many things we CAN, if we get off our fat asses and try...